Welcome to the Tate Remade Studio! Tate Remade exists to redeem and tell the story of furniture that’s long been forgotten.


Here you will find quality pieces of furniture which have all been recreated with high-quality paints and finishes. You may just find the perfect piece to give your home more character or achieve a fun, unique look!


I restore, paint, upholster and repurpose all types of furniture. I also offer custom work and would love for you to tell me the story of the piece you have loved in your home and what your vision is to give it new life. When we are intentional about the pieces in our home, and embrace the history and stories behind them, we unknowingly recycle and reuse -leaving the world in a better place. So if you’re looking for a treasure, or to increase the worth or change the style of something you own, come visit the Tate Remade Studio or contact me below.


Tate Remade


Phone:  830-834-0712      Email:  bethany@tateremade.com

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